Our top tips to beat the ‘working from home’ blues

We’ve all heard the announcements, stay at home until further notice – unless you’re making essential trips. Read below for our top tips to keep you sane and get the job done whilst stuck inside.

1) Don’t set up your new office in your bedroom

Eat, sleep, work repeat is the new normal for now. Try to make sure you setup your new desk space in an area you don’t associate with relaxing. Research has shown that those who work from the bedroom, especially in bed, find it much harder to ‘switch off’ in the evenings because their brain now associates the space with working. Try set up your workstation in a space that won’t take over your home to ensure you can hit the right work-life balance.

2) Make sure you get fresh air

We all know how it feels when you’ve been sat in the office and that ‘stuffy’ feeling starts creeping up on you until it’s completely overwhelming. Working from home is no different! Try make sure your sat by a window so you can open it up and let the fresh air in!

Better still if you can head outside for a walk during a lunch break then take the opportunity, fresh air has been proven to help with energy – a break away from your desk plus a dose of oxygen is a sure fire way to help sharpen your mind ready for your next task.

3)  Communication is key

With everyone spread around with their ironing board desks, dogs and distractions it can be hard to keep track of what other team members are up to. Schedule regular meetings with your team through skype, zoom or even Microsoft teams so you can all stay in the loop and keep working towards your collective goals.

It’s also great to connect with your colleagues about the ‘not so serious’ topics every once in a while, – working from home for long periods of time reduces our face to face conversations drastically and we miss out on the social aspect of a good office chit chat. Check in with your colleagues, ask them how their day’s going or maybe even compete against them in the Tea Bag Challenge!

4) Plan for the future

It can be easy to get yourself caught up in the doom and gloom of the current situation. As a business thoughts need to be focused on how and what will happen once we get through this period. Will you have a planned promotion for customers? A welcome back party or maybe you’ll just start to celebrate the small things? Whatever you plan on doing start thinking of it now and share with your colleagues!

5) Try stick to your regular routine as much as possible

Make sure you aim to start and finish work at your normal times. Keeping to your normal morning routine, whether it be dropping the kids off at school, heading out for a jog or making up a beautiful breakfast, will help to get you started for the day ahead.

When you’ve finished for the day make sure you close down all work-related tasks and clear away your workspace as much as possible, this will help your brain distinguish the difference between working and relaxing when in a home environment. If you feel yourself getting tempted to check your emails on an evening, just remember… they’ll still be there in the morning!